The covers of the two Mackintosh books each have their own little story. The picture of Colonel Anne is an artist's conception of a photograph done from the one and only painting made of Colonel Anne. The painting once hung in a Scottish museum. It has now mysteriously disappeared, and only the photo remains. We suspect Her Ladyship is residing -- quietly -- in some unnamed manor house on Clan Mackintosh or Clan Chattan land, but of course that is just a theory.

The cover of the Mackintosh history -- which is the story of the 31 chiefs, to date, and they are indeed a mixed bunch -- displays the elaborate symbol which can be worn or shown _only_ by the chief. It features the Highland wildcat, beloved of the Clan Chattan (meaning Clans of the Cat) folk, and shows the slogan of both Clans Mackintosh and Chattan, which is, "Touch not the cat bot (without) a glove."

You May Be A Mackintosh!

Clan Mackintosh is the major Scottish clan member in an organization called Clan Chattan. The Clan Mackintosh-Clan Chattan group played a key role in the Scottish rebellion in which "Colonel Anne" figured. In the conclusive battle of the rebellion, the Clan Mackintosh-Clan Chattan menled the charge against the English.

Clan Mackintosh and Clan Chattan are made up of 216 families. Most of these families have an association in the U.S., in Scotland, in Canada, Australia and New Zealand. One does not have to have the surname to be a member of these clan associations. Having an ancestor who had the name is enough.

Lady Anne Mackintosh is a key figure to all of these groups. She is a major heroine in the rebellion that engulfed scotland in 1745-46. This event is far from forgotten. At the 250th annviversary of this rebellion, celebrated some five miles from Moy Hall, the Clan Mackintosh seat, hundreds of people came from all over the world to observe the event. They stood where the members of their clan stood on the fateful day Scotland's future was decided by warring soldiers on Culloden Moor.

Even descendants of the English soldiers arrived, to stand where their redcoat ancestors had stood as they slaughtered the Scots.

Some of the modern Scots hooted and jeered the English participants, who replied tartly, "We have as much right to be here as you do. Our ancestors died here, too."

The 216 families making up the Clan Mackintosh and Clan Chattan septs or subgroups are:

Clan Mackintosh Septs

Adamson, Ayson, Cash, Clarke, Clark, Clerk, Clerkson, Combie, Combe, Crarer, Crearar, Crearer, Crerar, Dallas, Doles, Eason, Easson, Eggie, Eggo, Ego, Elder, Esson, Glen, Glennie, Glenny, Hardie, Hardy, Heggie, Iiggison, Hosick, Hossack, Leary, Macandrew, Macarney, Macay, Maccaish, Maccardney, Maccartney, Maccash, Maccause, Macchlery, Macclair, Maccleary, Macclery, Maccolm, Maccomas, Maccomb, Maccombe, Maccombich, Maccombie, Maccomie, Macconchie, Macfail, Macfall, macfauld, Macglashan, Macglashen, Macharday, Machardie, Machardy, Mackay, Mackeggie, Mackeison, Mackeson, Mackieson, Mackillican, Mackilligan, Maclear, Macleary, Macclehose, Maclerie, Macnevin, Macniven, Macomie, Macomish, Macphail, Macphial, Macphiel, Macritchie, Mactause, Mactavish, Macthomas, Macvail, Mcintosh, Mckintosh, Nairn, Nairne, Nevin, Nevins, Nevison, Niven, Noble, Paul, Raull, Ripley, Ritchie, Sivewright, Tarrell, Taweson, Tawson, Thom, Thoms Thons, Tosh Toshach.

Clan Chattan Clans and Septs:




MacPherson septs:

Currie, Fersen, Gillespie, Gillies, Gow, Lees, MacCurrach, MacGowan, MacLeish, LacLise, MacMurdo, MacMurdoch, MacMurrich, MacVurrich, Murdoch, Murdoson.


MacBean septs:

Bean, MacBeath, MacBeth, Macilvain, MacVean


Farquharson septs:

Barrie, Brebner, Christie, Coates, Coutts, Farquhar, Findlay, Findlayson, Finlay, Finlayson, Gracie, Greusach, Hardie, Hardy, Kellas, Lyon, McCaig, MacCardney, Macartney, MacCuaig, MacEarachar, MacFarquhar, Machardie, Machardy, MacKerchar, MacKerracher, Mackindlay, Mackinlay, Paterson, Reoch, Riach,




MacGillivray septs:

Gilroy, MacGillivour, MacGilroy, MacGilvra, MacGilvray, Macilroy, Macilvrae, MacThomas, MacPhail


Davidson septs:

Davie, Davis, Dawson, Dow, Kay, Macdade, Macdaid, MacDavid.


MacQueen septs:

MacCunn, MacSwan, MacSwen, MacSween, MacSwyde, Swan.

Smith (Gow)
MacIntyres of Badenoch

Septs of MacIntyres of Badenoch:

Tyre, MacTear, Wright, McEntire

Macleans of Dochgarroch

Septs of Macleans of Dochgarroch:

Beath, Beaton, Black, Lean, MacBeath, MacBheath, MacBeth, Macilduy, MacLergain, MacRankin, MacVeagh, MacVey, Rankin.