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Here's the latest from Hugh Spencer, twice Aurora Award nominated author. As he puts it, "The stories they didn't want back in print are still not in print -- but you can read them anyway! My tales of living software, psychological censorship, trans-human dating and childcare responsibilities are available via download HERE.

The first two stories were originally published in On Spec magazine and they are now published together in The Collected Progressive Apparatus with a new end piece to commemorate this e-edition, all downloadable on Kobo and Kindle.

It goes like this: One night you wake up and discover that a sentient computer program is standing next to your bed checking your subconscious for subversive story ideas. Twenty years later you're at the loudest, stickiest rave of the season watching your date get absorbed into a massive whirlpool of genetic mistakes. Add on another decade or two and you're struggling to survive attacks of urban retro-humans while trying to balance your caregiving duties at an art colony of genius children.

These are the sorts of things that happen in the connected stories: "The Progressive Apparatus" "...and the Retrograde Mentor" "...Experience Denial then Acceptance," twice Aurora Award nominated author Hugh A.D. Spencer. The first two stories were originally published in On Spec magazine and they are now published together in The Collected Progressive Apparatus with a new end piece to commemorate this e-edition all downloadable on Kobo and Kindle.

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Fifth World Temporal

by Mark Brandon Allen

An epic poem describing the participation of the crewmen of the Australian solar freighter, Hannibal Prescott. in a series of temporal events that follow the rescue of a strange,Tesla powered interstellar ship,the Timevertron.

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Detour Trail

by Joy V. Smith

Westward bound on the Oregon Trail, Lorena Emerson is alone after her uncle is killed by a thief trying to steal his money belt. Ignoring the wagon master's advice to go home, she rounds up others needing help, and they join a later wagon train and are soon slogging through dust and mud and steep mountain passes. It's a long way to Oregon, and because another woman needs her help, Lorrie again goes her own way, leaving the wagon train and the Oregon Trail to travel onward--off the beaten path--with her small group of wagons. She's helped by members of her wagon train, people she meets along the way, and the mule, Jake, an integral part of the story. You'll meet them as they join in her travels and encounters with enemies she also meets as she searches for a new home and supplies as winter reaches out its icy hands...Settling the frontier isn't easy.

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Murder Manhattan Style

by Warren Bull

Warren Bull is a short story master, and this collection shows him at his best with quick stories told in crisp, clear prose. There's variety, drama, history, humor, pathos, compassion, and even Shakespeare here, along with surprising and satisfying endings to every story

--Nancy Pickard
New York Times Bestselling Author

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COLD HEART by Arthur M. Doweyko

The commercial scout ship, Forerunner, lands on Mother, a small planet orbiting a red giant. Mitch and his crew encounter unusually friendly natives with a peculiar talent. In short order, Mitch falls under the spell of Lan, a very attractive female. The infatuation drops his guard -- a deadly error for himself and his crew, and ultimately for Lan.

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Divided into eleven short stories, a novelette, two flash fiction nouvelles and five eclectic works of poetry the collection enjoys a sense of fun along with a bit of serious commentary. From the very first entry to the last, these "ifs" explore the many facets of the two speculative genres. In summation, within the context of Fantasy and Science Fiction pulps, "ifs" or IMAGINE FANTASY SCIENCE FICTION has a fair bit to recommend it to the speculative fiction reader. All told the nineteen "ifs" within the books lineup make up a meaty and satisfying read.

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Sonny Houston, cowpoke.
A man barely alive.
"I can rebuild him, make him the first steam-powered man. A darn sight better than before. Better, faster, and a heap stronger, too. I've got the know-how."
A century before any bionic man, a doctor in the Wyoming Territory attached steam powered legs and an arm to a man trampled in a stampede.
Get ready, Pardner, for a rip-roarin' steampunk adventure!

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CLAIRE by Jim Meirose

"Claire" is about a dead woman (Claire), whose casket falls out of an exploding airplane as she is being transported cross-country for burial. The casket falls into a plowed field in an isolated rural area and is found by two brothers who live on a rundown farm nearby. They take the casket home to their barn, hoping for reward money, but after some days pass it becomes apparent that Claire's body is somehow, magically, not decomposing. This leads them to sell this wonder to a carnival side show and the ensuing action is serious, comical, and bizarre by turns. The dead woman becomes the salvation of a disintegrating family and, through a series of twists and turns in the plot, the cause of the downfall of the brothers who found her. Claire herself ends up finally decomposing and is buried as planned, but not before significally affecting and altering several lives.

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TIGER DAZE by Lyn McConchie

In 1989 Lyn McConchie purchased a small farm and settled down to farm and write books. In both activities her cats have joyfully assisted her -- not always when wanted. This is the story of Tiger and his feline friends -- a tale of roistering cats and their frequently bemused human. Lyn McConchie lives in New Zealand. She has sold short work and novels to publishers in America, Canada, the UK, Russia, Poland, Australia and New Zealand and is three times winner of New Zealand's Sir Julius Vogel Award for Best SF/Fantasy Book of the Year.

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THE MIGHTY QUINN by Paula Stiles

There's a milk truck on the US/Canadian border with a detonated nuclear bomb that didn't explode and a pile of mummy dust for a driver. Vermont Homeland Security Agent Nan Carreira is having quite the morning and she hasn't even met her witness yet. Quinn Bolcan just got out of Vancouver, in a hurry and under a dark cloud. The last thing he was looking for in Vermont was trouble and that's the first thing he found. Soon, he and Carreira will be neck-deep in black helicopters, low-rent necromancers, zombie suicide bombers, and vengeful were-bikers. And that's just the beginning because Quinn is a wild card in a league all his own.

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LONG HORIZON by Sue Monkress

Travel back in time with Jessie to the oil boom era in wild, beautiful Oklahoma -- to an time when those entrepreneurs bold enough to gamble on their dreams amassed fortunes! Sarah Jessica McCarey is a young frontier woman more at ease hunting or roughhousing with her six brothers than doing 'woman's work.' Jessie envisions creating an oil company by strong-arming the collaboration of her ornery siblings in the crazy 1900's, a time presenting women few opportunities. They grab onto her dream: drilling in The Osage, an area rich with potential in Oklahoma,a land of long horizons. Jessie and her family successfully navigate the great depression and two world wars. Through hard work and moral business ethics, McCarey Oil Company flourishes, while Jessie's personal life careens. When she loses her partner and ally, Jessie must challenge her foes for control of McCarey Oil. The board is in for a surprise...

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TOONED OUT by David Perlmutter

If you ever thought the life of a cartoon character was one of ease and unbridled joy, think again. Janey the Robot and her pals have to work plenty to earn their keep, and they know it. Which is why they take it the wrong way when they learn their show has been cancelled. Told in a compelling documentary style, this short story will make you rethink the place of the cartoon character in Hollywood.

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TOWER OF POWER by Keith Laufenberg

Set in the harsh realities of the nineties, and after years of double-digit interest rates and ever-skyrocketing inflation, the city of Atlanta is being invaded by an ever-burgeoning population of dissatisfied and unemployed people, all searching for a better life. They quickly find out that they'll get nowhere fast without a car and so they make their way to any of the innumerable car dealerships, that surround this megalopolis known as Atlanta, where their stories will intertwine with the salesmen and the managers. Come inside the dealership and meet the players, from the shoppers kicking the tires to the employees, like Willie 'Bodyguard' Bowman, a towering local basketball star with a looming NBA future, working on the clean-up crew, to the many salesmen-- like Mike Stratton, an ex-D.J., or the G-Man, an ex-professional boxer -- to Joe Riola, the wise-cracking New Yorker and dealership's G.M., who makes every employee work on a commission-only basis. The Tower of Power provides the reader with a rare glimpse into an American institution, the car business, and is written with an insider's knowledge.

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GENDER WARS by Arthur Carey

The Gender War is a humor novel about a contest to determine which sex, male or female, is superior. A male writer and a female college professor compete in physical, intellectual and practical skills contests with the world watching. Guess who wins?

Arthur Carey is a member of the California Writers Club. His stories have appeared in a variety of print and online publications.

Available at http://www.amazon.com/ in Kindle for $1.99.

KOREAN ECHOES by Tom Sheehan

Reading the 45 pieces of Korean Echoes draws the reader into piecing together a puzzle, each piece a small measure of the Korean War soldier's world, a world wholly embedded in the deepest design at the heart of human experience, embedded as if words were shrapnel, steel moments of clarity rendered from language and pounded into consciousness through Tom Sheehan's craftsmanship, each piece of his writing a sharpened moment of awareness stating all humanity can be, do, and endure, while continuing to love life and living, a testament to the tenacity of the human spirit to survive the killing fields of war through time eternal.

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COP WITH A WAND by James Hartley

Daisy Hudson is a newly reinstated plainclothes cop, but more importantly, she has just come to the realization that she's a witch. Not just any witch, but a very powerful witch. After reuniting with her partner Inspector Herb Farrell who eventually catches on to Daisy's powers-as well as falls for her charms-together they conclude that the ordinary crimes of their city have become overshadowed by the evil conspiracy of a sinister group of gray men. From petty crimes to those committed at the highest level of government, it becomes apparent that these tall, ugly, gray-skinned men known as the Warlocks harbor a far-reaching, ominous plot...an alien takeover of the Earth. Even with the aid of the forceful local coven, will Daisy and Herb have the fire power to prevent the Warlocks' impending overthrow of the government?

Available from MuseItUp Publishing HERE or from Amazon or Barnes & Noble.



Here are fourteen of Joy's favorite stories; they are mostly science fiction except for The Princess Quest, a tongue-in-cheek sword and sorcery epic; The Trees of Home; and Old Rex. They've all been published elsewhere, except for Royal Guardians; this is its first time in "print." Here abide aliens, time travel, symbiotes, and humans searching for a home, family, their own bodies, ...

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Journey Into Dandelion Wine Country is a short fiction collection consisting of the title fantasy novella and six science fiction or fantasy short stories. Other stories in this collection are: The Bulgarian Poetess Takes A Green Card, We Got The Funk, Empty Houses, Flagship Of The Gods, Thin Ice and Ritchie Feels All Right

The book is available from Kindle for $3.79 (http://www.amazon.com) and from Barnes & Noble's Nook for $8.99 (http://www.barnesandnoble.com)

Alan Ira Gordon is a city planner living in Worcester, Massachusetts. He is the author of numerous science fiction and fantasy short stories and is an associate member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. His story The Bulgarian Poetess Takes A Green Card received an Honorable Mentions listing in the eighth annual The Year's Best Science Fiction anthology (Gardner Dozois, Ed., St. Martin's Press).


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