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Review of Hell Whore by Tim Tobin HERE.

Review of The Dohani Warsby Arthur Sanchez HERE.

Review of Long Pigby Arthur Sanchez HERE.

Review of Laughing Into The Fourth Dimensionby Larry Lefkowitz HERE.

(Sound of fanfare, please.) Introducing WhortleberryWReviews!

Would you like to do some reviewing?

Remember, a review consists of the answers to these questions:

-- What is the author trying to do?
-- Did he/she do it?
-- Was it worth doing?

Reviews should run somewhere between 200 and 500 words. Of course we won't be reviewing our own WhP books. But there are many small presses around who would like having reviews, so, let it begin here.

Arthur Sanchez
Arthur is already reviewing LONG PIG from Static Movement

We have three other books awaiting review. They are:

HELL WHORES from Horrorific Press
A collection of stories, yes, you guessed it -- bad girls.

GOTHIC POEMS AND FICTION from Static Movement Press
The title tells all -- poems and stories on the Goth theme.

THE DOHANI WARS by Martin Kerharo from Bewildering Press
Don Webb from Bewildering tells me this is the finest book their press has ever published. It will remind you a bit, perhaps, of wonderful Heinlein interstellar war stories...enjoy!

These three books are awaiting review. They come in pdf or WordPerfect text, for reading on your computer screen. Tell me which one you want. Drop me a note at

-- Jean