Our payment for stories is $10; we're interested in science-fiction, fantasy and (light) horror. Word count: 4000 tops.

Our general rules are:
(1) We hew to a PG standard and
(2) Nothing that makes our editors sick.
(3) PLEASE read our stylebook here.

Our next anthology will be called "Strange Changes."

This anthology will contain stories in which _one_thing_ in our world is changed. For example, war is ended. What would be the good -- and bad -- results? Or, animals can talk. What would be the good or bad results? Of course you can think of better ideas -- please do so!

Word limit - 5000. (4000 or less, is even better.) Closing date: September 15. Associate Editor, Arthur Sanchez. Send your stories to jean.goldstrom@earthlink.net.

We promise, we won't close early.

-- Jean and Arthur

Questions? Just ask on the Forum here.

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