Our payment for stories is $12. Yes, the first increase in our 15 years of publication. It's not that we're making more money and sharing with our writers -- if only! It's because we now pay via PayPal, and we know PayPal charges people something. So our traditional $10 payment would be even less than that once PayPal took its cut. So we raised it to $12 so our wonderful and miserably underpaid writers would receive at least the $10 they so richly deserve. Word count: 4000 tops.

Our general rules are:
Keeping in mind that word count is 4000 tops, (1) We hew to a PG standard and
(2) Nothing that makes our editors sick.
(3) PLEASE read our stylebook here.

As to our next antho, we're still trying to decide. We'll let you know. Look for news on our Whortleberry Press page on Facebook. Associate Editor, Arthur Sanchez. Send your stories to jean.goldstrom@earthlink.net.

We promise, we won't close early.

-- Jean and Arthur

Questions? Just ask on the Forum here.

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