Dear Whortleberry Friends;

Happy New Year!

We are launching Strange Mysteries 8.

Our theme is "To form a more perfect union."

Yes, the union might be a political one, a personal one, or any number of entities finding better ways to get along.

Deadline for submissions: March 15, 2019.

The stories will be fantasy and/or science fiction, as well as strange and mysterious.

The top word count will be 3000.

The compensation will be $10.

Arthur Sanchez will be Associate Editor for this project so you know your story will get a good read.

Please read our STYLEBOOK (in the left-hand column on our opening screen) as a few things have changed. Let's go, SM8!

Send your submissions to jean.goldstrom@earthlink.net

Questions? Post them on our Forum (again, hot link on left-hand column in opening screen.) here.

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